empowering creators: the truth about creator funds



Today, let’s have an open conversation about a topic that has sparked mixed feelings in the creative community: creator funds.

While these funds may initially seem like a beacon of hope for financial support, it’s essential to take a closer look at their limitations and consider the need for a more sustainable and equitable approach to empowering creators.

So, let’s dive in and explore why creator funds, in their current form, can sometimes feel like a rude joke.

The Illusion of Financial Support
Imagine a small cup of water being shared among a large crowd of thirsty people. Each person receives only a few drops, leaving them still longing for more substantial support. That’s precisely what creator funds are.

Creator funds are often presented by platforms as avenues for financial assistance, giving the impression that they will provide meaningful support to creators.

However, the reality is that the financial resources provided by these funds are often limited and dispersed among a vast number of applicants. This can result in minimal financial impact for individual creators, making it challenging to rely on these funds as a sustainable source of income.

Inadequate Selection Criteria
Many creator funds come with specific eligibility criteria, which can be highly competitive or exclusive. This limited pool of selected recipients often leaves behind countless talented creators who may equally deserve support but are overlooked due to arbitrary or subjective selection processes.

This lack of inclusivity can perpetuate existing disparities and hinder the growth of diverse voices within the creative community.

Picture a revolving door that allows only a few chosen individuals to enter while leaving many talented creators waiting outside, longing for an opportunity to showcase their work.

Unsustainable Financial Models
Creator funds primarily rely on the allocation of resources from platforms, often based on advertising revenue or other sources of income generated by the platform. However, this model can be unstable and unpredictable, leading to fluctuating fund availability.

As platforms and companies face their own challenges and priorities, creator funds can be subject to sudden changes or even discontinued, leaving creators without a reliable safety net.

It’s like building a house on shifting sands—uncertain foundations that can crumble and leave creators without a solid base of financial support.

Seeking Long-Term Solutions
While creator funds, in their current form, may have limitations, it’s essential to recognize the conversations they have sparked regarding the financial empowerment of creators. They have highlighted the need for sustainable and inclusive approaches to support the creative community.

Rather than relying solely on creator funds, it’s crucial for creators to explore alternative avenues. Creators need to explore direct connections with their audience through membership sites, merch, etc.


While creator funds may not always live up to their promises, they have initiated important discussions surrounding financial support within the creative landscape. By acknowledging their limitations, we can advocate for long-term solutions that address the fundamental needs of creators.

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