Creators are the next billion-dollar businesses. 

But that vision will not come true without the right business partners to help them get there.

Yes, some creators are great business operators. But most aren’t. So, partnering with someone to take care of operations is essential.

A Creator Monetization Partner will manage two key aspects of the business:

– Matching

– Monetization and Backend operations

We hear over and over again from creators that they need help.

From creators who earn $1M a month to creators who earn $1k a month, the one constant thing you’ll mostly find is the same trend of a lack of systems and operations. 

Often at very different degrees but ultimately the same problem. 

Most creators started as ‘normal’ people who grew a following and monetized it. 

There wasn’t a growth plan or knowledge of how to build a business. Often the growth and success happen organically and then Creators get stuck in the bind of “now what”. 

Every Creator wears all hats in the beginning. 

Later they hire a Virtual Assistant or support, but who they need is someone to manage their entire operations.

Then there is the monetization problem. 

There are over 50 million creators worldwide. But only 12% of full-time creators make more than $50,000 per year.

46% make less than $1,000 annually.

Meanwhile, 59% of beginner creators haven’t even monetized yet.

And 96.5% of YouTubers make less than $12,140 per year (below the U.S. poverty line).

Yet the global creator economy is huge at over $250 billion.

We want to change this situation.

Creators are never lacking in passion and creativity. They only need help harnessing it to build a successful venture.

That way, the creator can do what they do best and focus on their craft, while a partner takes control of the other parts of the business.

So how is this different from talent management? Well in a lot of ways.

Talent Management as we know it is broken.

Many talent managers chase the money, vs looking at the bigger picture which is understandable given the commission-based business model. 

Some Creators have reported that many talent managers:

  • only care more about earning the 20% so they’ll ask Creators to do brand deals that don’t align with the creators’ brand
  • don’t protect the best interest of the creators the way the Creator would 
  • send creators unfavorable deals as regards rights
  • don’t give creators full visibility or transparency over how they are being managed
  • leave creators with no contacts or brand relationships when the management ends
  • overpromise and underdeliver so the 20% commission taken is not commensurate with the value they deliver

They even say some managers are rude and unprofessional. We’ve heard this a lot.

Creators need better partners.  

A business partner that is 100% invested in building your business and not just interested in a quick 20% money grab.

For us, it’s about building a long-term, well-oiled, durable business: from monetization to contracts, tax to insurance cover, and more…thinking about the full P&L and executing the vision.

Yes, the business partner will conduct the brand deals but it’s only one revenue stream.

Together, we will create direct-to-fans products and services. Thereby unlocking huge revenue potential for the Creator.

In the end, the Creator can extract as much equity value as possible as opposed to the big social platforms.

A Creator Business Partner (CBP) is critical to this mission.

With the Creator Business Partner around, the Creator can stay out of the weeds and focus on what they truly love doing best creating; making things, and altering culture. 

Let’s build your business, together.
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