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reprznt is a white-glove matching service for growing brands.

We will find, vet and match you with in-house creators and marketing talents in days.

How It Works


Submit a talent request. We’ll review and reach out to get the specifics about the role and your objectives. 


Our team manually sources for suitable talents in our database and network.


Once our team has identified suitable talents, we work with you to select the ideal person and make introductions.


We collect a one-time matching fee once you and the talent shake hands and agree to work together.


Top creator and marketing talents only

We focus on only in-house creator and marketing roles so we can find, vet, and match you with the best talents in no time. Plus we offer a 90-day Guaranteed Replacements.


No. We connect agencies, brands, and creators with top talent for full-time, part-time, and independent contractor positions.

We are not a marketing, creative, advertising, or influencer agency. 

You can hire experienced creator and other marketing or creative roles — full-time, part-time, and one-off projects. We will only match you with the best talents who can seamlessly integrate into your team.

Of course, you can reach out to talents directly, but it’s complicated, time-consuming, and not scalable. Might also lead to a wrong hire. With reprznt, we simplify the process for a hassle-free, scalable, and effective experience.

Clients have access to 24/5 email and Slack support.

We evaluate talents based on their proven output and results. We also look at years of experience, proficiency with relevant tools, niche expertise, and ability to collaborate effectively within teams. Lastly, we also assess each top candidate based on the requirements you share with us.

The typical timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the role and the specifics of your requirements. Generally, it takes about 2 to 5 weeks from the initiation of the search to the placement of a candidate. This includes time for sourcing, screening, interviewing, and final selection.

We do reference checks to ensure a good fit not only with the technical requirements but also with your company culture. We also tailor our search and selection process based on your specific project needs and strategic goals.

Full-time and part-time roles: a flat fee calculated as a percentage of the talent’s first-year salary.

Independent contractors: a flat rate or percentage of the contractor’s total fee.

You can trust our talents because of our meticulous vetting process. We select only the top 0.5% of talents who excel across multiple rigorous stages, including technical and communication skill assessments, and practical projects (where necessary). This ensures that every candidate not only meets but exceeds the standard qualifications required for their respective roles.

Yes, we have a special recruitment package for early-stage startups. Click here to learn more.